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Figs, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

Figs, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

de Lior Lev Sercarz
Collection Dix façons de préparer


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And then, one fine early spring day, they accomplish their task and die. “They” are the female blastophaga or tiny wasps that pass on a “life legacy” to their newborn. Several weeks later, the baby wasps break through the “skin” of their “home” and carry with them the pollen that fertilizes the tiny mammes or future figs.

The appearance of the fig tree and its fruit goes hand in hand with human history. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were the first to see the fig and make clothes from the tree’s large, hand-shaped leaves.
Thereafter, the Egyptians mention it during a battle with the Israelites in 2375 BCE : “Destroy their cities, rip out their fig trees and their grapevines…” The ancient and mysterious fig tree, also called “the tree of wisdom” by the Jews, originally came from Yemen. It them made its way to Syria, Israel and Egypt. Travelers who appreciated the nourishing and long-tasting fruit introtuced it to the entire Mediterranean region.
The Arabs, famous conqueros, have always prized the fig ; they brought it with them throughout their conquests and planted fig trees in Moorish Spain and Portugal. In time, the fig made its way through the rest of Europe and eventually to the New World. Ficus carica, the fig’s Latin name, is part of the Moraceae family, one of the largest in the plant world. The fig is actualy not a fruit but an “envelope”, which hold the seeds for the flowers – both male and female – along with the little wasps. 

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Caractéristiques du livre

Année de parution : 2013
Editeur : Les Editions de l'Epure

Autour de : Figs, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

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