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Bread, Ten Ways to Prepare It

Bread, Ten Ways to Prepare It

de Lior Lev Sercarz
Collection Dix façons de préparer


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It’s so easy to define bread : mix a bit of flour with water, salt and yeast, knead well and let rise before baking. But that has nothing to do with the bread I love and cherish, even if the basics remain the same

Bread was born with humankind. Older grains such as millet, barley, oats, rye ans wheat were consumed in different ways –raw, boiled or roasted. Their agriculture is a reflection of the harmony that links man to nature.
The history of humankind has progressed in the parallel with that of bread. In times of peace and of war, bread was always the dominent element for survival. Social, economic, and religious life made it a crucial staple.
Today’s bakery is a mixture of quick solutions, a return of crafted know-how, and a search for the art of making fine bread. Bread to me is the living element. Every day features a new dialogue, a new adventure and a new challenge.
My belove bakers know this and do their utmost giving  of themselves to succeed at the subtle art of breadmaking and fulfill their creativity. So one of these luckier days, give it a try ! Push the back  door at your local bakery and try your hand with some dough. Create a new world for you and yours. You might even be able to hear that beautiful crackling melody…

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Caractéristiques du livre

Année de parution : 2013
Editeur : Les Editions de l'Epure

Autour de : Bread, Ten Ways to Prepare It

Olive Oil

Poilâne's Rye bread


Sourdough Bread
Olive OilPoilâne's Rye breadBriocheSourdough Bread


Poilâne's Punitions
FigsPoilâne's Punitions

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