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Roses, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

Roses, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

de Dani
Collection Dix façons de préparer


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The rose inspiration of countless troubadours, painters, sculptors, poets, and musicians is also that of my daughter-in-law and herself an outstanding chef, Sonia Ezgulian, whom I admire and who composed for me an ode to the rose in ten sonnets filled with colors and flavors.

Their names sound of children’s tales : Snow Fairy, Thigh of an Emotional Nymph, Rendez-Vous, Divine Angel, Garland of Love, or Beautiful Isis.
They pay homage to beautiful women or celebrities who succumbed to these women’s graces… They posses unctuous fragrances, soft and intense colors, a languishing flesh, elegance, a secret. All are ephemeral, yet all are eternal. Since the dawn of time the fossils of églantines or sweet briars – the ancestor of our modern rose bushes – found in Colorado attest to this fact. The rose has been admired by humankind and stamped its seal on the experienced by our species. So many examples ! An armful of roses decorating Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, Cleopatra reclining on a bed of rose petals, slaves in the Roman Empire covering themselves in roses to proclaim their freedom, an angel offering a bouquet of roses to St. Dorothy – the patron saint of florists – to ease her martyrdom, the Duke of Orleans founding the Order of the Rose to defend the chivalrous honor of gentlewomen. 

Les dix recettes

- Asparagus Rolls in a Sweet and Sour Rose Sauce
- Scallops in Rose Breading
- Smooth Pea Soup, Marinated Tuna with Rose Filaments
- Foie Gras with Rose Syrup
- Rose-Infused Vegetable Couscous Broth
- Confit Lamb Pastilla with Rosebuds
- Rosewood Infused Stuffed Quail
- Sigh of a Harem Flavored with Rose Water
- Bread Puddin with Crystallized Rose Petals
- Rose Jelly Beignets

Caractéristiques du livre

Année de parution : 2003
Editeur : Les Editions de l'Epure

Autour de : Roses, Ten Ways to Prepare Them

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